Snow Globe Glass Tumbler

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Tell us your color choice of glitter and flow (fast, medium or slow). You can choose a decal at an additional cost. We do not do Trademark or Copyright Images. Add a name, an image or your favorite quote. We have various images we can share via email to help with your decal choice.

Customizable Snow Globe Glass Tumbler 20oz.  Inside reveals floating glitter and sparkle surprises in our Glycerin mixture, giving the illusion of snow globe affect. Gently shake and watch your glitter float through the mixture content. ASMR calming!


*font is Not an OPTION

*Rhinestones and decals (printed images) are subject to an add'l cost based on design, if adding to outside of cup. For decorative lids see our Decorative lid listing.

*Gently Hand Wash, warm water. 

*Do not leave in extreme heat! 

Based on design and order of cup, delivery  may take 2-4  weeks to receive

Cup can be created on TikTok or Instagram Live by request only! Email or text (214) 810-0297 for a time-slot. 

 Live by request only! Email or text (214) 810-0297 for a time-slot


*the glycerin content is not to be ingested.

*please discard if any leakage take place.

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