About US!

                               HI, I'M TE!

Founder and creator of the original brand TEH Creations, also owner and operator of Keep Prominent Boutique (KPB).

Driven by Empowerment and Charged by Faith apparel and more.

Different shades of colors, designs and wording is what brings art, language and cultures together. That is what KPB is all about, finding the beauty in arts and words.

KPB was birth from the love of graphic t-shirts. A persons attire speaks about who the person and their personalities. We believe a three second glance at a graphic t-shirt can give a person a small hint of ones creativity, beliefs, artistic or political view, love for something, and the freedom to be different. Recognizing our dress and style allows for one to be themselves.

Although, we love graphic t-shirts, we enjoy customizing and personalizing items to fit ones needs, from home decor to fun decorative drink cups. Our online store Keep Prominent Boutique holds to the essence the importance of art and ensuring art in all forms continues to be seen.

KPB also supports our Deaf Autistic son, and what better way than to allow him to use his creativity to help design many of our graphics and images we place on various items.

By supporting our online shop you will join with our family in helping to support our local Deaf Community. For every first time customer, online purchase, 10% of your total purchase will be donated to Black Deaf Advocates organization, in Dallas, TX.